We welcome all support. If you have any ideas you want to discuss then please contact usFrom abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth to cycling from John O Groats to Lands, End, our supporters come up with a range of innovative ideas, all of which help us deliver our goals. No idea is too mad, so do contact us!

Greenhouse at Kinda Biye provide by donations

Shopping List

what your donations achieve

£10 will buy a jemba (spade) and a panga (machete) for site clearance and planting

£10 will buy 100 tree seedlings

£25 will buy guttering for a house, or £45 for a school

£750 will buy a 10m3 water tank for a school

£500 will buy a well to be dug (where the water table is not too deep)

£1000 will pay to drill a borehole (where the water table is too deep for a well)

£10 will buy hand tools for vegetable growing

£25 will buy a water tank and drip irrigation pipes for a 25m2 vegetable plot – enough to provide vegetables for a family

£2 will buy seeds for a vegetable plot

£8 will buy a hosepipe for contour levelling

£3 will buy a mosquito net for a child or pregnant woman      

£10 will pay for the disinfectant to rid 25 children of jiggers

£5 will buy de-worming tablets for 25 children



























What’s in a name? – “Kenya 2020”

Kenya 2020 was established as a charitable organisation, following the experiences of teachers and students that had visited Kenya and been involved in community development projects in the Ndhiwa District since 2007.The name Kenya 2020 came from the desire to set clear, time-constrained goals of what should be achieved in the 10 years leading up to 2020. Projects are chosen that will leave behind lasting benefits even if direct support eventually ceases.Work is monitored with on-going and annual reviews, but a major review in 2020 will assess the effectiveness of the work during the period 2011-20 and establish the new priorities for further projects – Kenya 2030???

Sewing machine provided via donations

How much of my donation will reach Kenya?

All of it!! All the money you donate is spent in Kenya. All our ‘workers’ in the UK are volunteers. Any unavoidable costs (eg annual audit for the Charities’ Commission) is paid out of the Giftaid we claim back from the tax paid on donations. There are no intermediary people or organisations that charge fees so every penny you donate is spent on the development projects in Kenya!