Kenya 2020


Kenya 2020 is a UK-based fundraising charity that was set up in 2011 by a group of volunteers that had worked with other charities in western Kenya since 2007. The projects Kenya 2020 supports are run in the Alara area of Kenya by a Community-Based Organisation (CBO) called CEPARD – the Centre for Education and Participatory Rural Development.

The lead role in all projects is taken in Kenya by CEPARD.

The UK supporters do not tell CEPARD what to do. It is essential that development problems in Kenya are identified by Kenyans, solutions are planned by Kenyans and carried out by Kenyans. Our role in the UK is to provide financial support, encouragement and guidance wherever it is appropriate.



Kenya 2020 exists to work alongside the communities we support in Kenya to:

  •  identify the problems that inhibit development
  •   plan strategies to solve these
  •    enable the community to carry them out.

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The charity focuses on the following areas in line with our charitable objects:

  • Developing education and improving access to education for children in poverty
  • Promoting the sustainable development of these communities by improving water and food security and better use of natural resources
  • Promoting health and preventing sickness through the development of primary health care projects.

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