How We Work


Kenya 2020 works in partnership with a Kenya CBO(Community Based Organisation), Centre for Education and Rural Participatory Development (CEPARD). Core to our ethos is a belief that problems in Kenya should be identified by Kenyans and the solutions developed and implemented by Kenyans. 

As such, all the projects we support are identified, developed, implemented and monitored by CEPARD. This ensures that the projects best benefit the people we are serving and that any detrimental side-effects due to cultural misunderstandings are minimised. 

A particular focus of these projects is to ensure that they are sustainable and can continue beyond the support of Kenya 2020. As indicated by the name, the trustees aim to make the projects self-sustaining by the end of 2020. This focus helps to prevent any culture of long-term dependency on overseas aid developing.  When identifying which of CEPARD’s projects to support, the trustees ensure that they are inline with the charity’s stated objects.

Structure, GoverNance and MANAGEMENT 

Governing Document

The charity is a registered charity, governed by a Trust Deed signed 13th May 2011.

Appointment of Trustees

Trustees are appointed by unanimous decision of the existing Trustees on an ongoing basis as new candidates become available. 

Trustees are expected to serve for three years after which they may extend their service if they wish and the remaining Trustees are in agreement. 

The Deed dictates that there must be a minimum of three Trustees serving at any one time. 

New trustees are inducted by an existing trustee where they are given an introduction to the charity’s aims and objectives, current projects, current strategic plan and existing policies and procedures. 

No trustees are remunerated, or receive a benefit in kind for their work for the charity.


The charity is governed by the Trustees who meet quarterly. 

Day to day running of the charity is delegated to two senior volunteers, Richard and Angela Genn. They are responsible for developing a strategic plan and budget with the charity’s partner organisation in Kenya, CEPARD. 

The strategic plan and budget is agreed by the Trustees annually and the volunteers have full authority to implement this plan. 

Progress against the plan and budget are reviewed by the Trustees at each meeting. 

Where issues arise in between meetings that require expenditure not allocated in the budget, the volunteers may authorise additional outgoings of up to £500 without express authorisation of the Trustees. These additional spendings are then reviewed at the next Trustees meetings. 

Where additional expenditure above £500 is required, two Trustees may authorise this via email.

Related Parties

The charity work in partnership with the Centre for Rural Participatory Development (CEPARD), a Kenyan registered charitable organisation