Tree planting at Alara

Over the last two years the women’s group in Alara have set up their tree nursery at the Kinda Biye community centre. They plant tree seeds in plastic tubes and look after them until they are big enough to be planted out. For each tree seedling they get paid 10 Kenyan shillings (about 7p) raised from our carbon-offset project.

The seedlings are planted out in a variety of places. Some are planted on CEPARD land to provide a future income for the charity. Others are given to local schools so they can buy educational resources in the future. Some schools have large plots of land and could be financially independent if they had a regular cycle of tree planting and harvesting. Trees are also given to community members to provide an income, fuel and construction materials.

The carbon stored in the growing trees helps to offset the carbon emissions of supporters in the UK.

It costs £6 to plant enough trees to offset 1 tonne of carbon emissions. The average person in the UK causes the release of 8 tonnes of carbon, so to be carbon-neutral would cost £48 – if you round it up that’s £1 per week.

If you are interested in carbon offsetting, please contact us.