Drop-in clinic

It is exactly four years since the drop-in clinic at Kinda Biye started to offer basic health care for the local community. Our nurse, Josephine, has done a fantastic job, focusing on neonatal care and vaccinations for the under 5s. Having all children vaccinated would prevent so many future health problems. Josephine’s assistant, Rose, helps run the clinic but is also the ‘community tracer’ and seeks out families where there are unvaccinated children.


Even though vaccinations are free, some mothers do not appreciate their value, especially if they dropped out of school early and never received any health education. This is how the cycle of poverty repeats itself.


There are two incentives for mothers to bring their children to the clinic. They receive a free mosquito net if they need one. They also get a free knitted jumper or hat if they have a baby. This project is coordinated by some of our stalwart supporters, especially Janet, some friends and members of Sutton Scotney WI, who knit jumpers and hats.

Because pregnant women are getting into the habit of visiting the clinic, they are much more likely to go to the maternity unit at Got Kojowi to give birth, rather than using a TBA (traditional birth attendant) from the village, which is much riskier.