When we started supporting projects in Kenya in 2008 we used to support secondary school pupils by paying their school fees. We now support schools rather than individuals but we carried on with the support for the pupils we were already sponsoring.

This is a big year for that group. Calvince is a very gifted student, doing exceptionally well at school, sponsored by Julian Foster and his tutor group at Peter Symonds College in Winchester. After leaving school, he gained a government loan to go to university to study for a degree in electrical engineering. He graduates this year. The support that he was given will now re-pay many times over through the benefits his skills and education will produce in Kenya.

Our student trip to Kinda Biye in July was made particularly special because Julian came with us and met Calvince for the first time – a very special time. Calvince took us to the village he comes from to meet his extended family which was a humbling experience. It is very clear from talking to Calvince that he feels very fortunate and will be sharing his future with the rest of his family.