Water in Alara – a good news story, with an even better future

As we learn more about the problems faced by the community of Alara it becomes clearer that water is the focal issue for most of their problems. Problems caused by droughts and contaminated water are huge problems that affect all aspects of life including food supplies, health and education.


Over the past 10 years we have helped by providing plastic rainwater tanks and the digging of wells. In the past three years we’ve constructed two 100 tonne rainwater tanks. The Kinda Biye community centre has had, for the first time ever, water security with the water from one wet season lasting through the dry season until the next wet season.

We now want to provide water security to Alara Mixed Secondary School by providing a 120 tonne tank. This will give the children clean water that will help avoid the health risks of drinking contaminated water and save the time wasted collecting water from the nearest river or well.

We need to raise £3500 to build the tank. We are part of the way there but still need some more support.


Please watch the attached Slideshow. The focus is on Phelix: a pupil at the secondary school, but the water tank will benefit over 200 pupils.


In the UK we take easy access to clean water for granted. With our help we can help the community of Alara to forget what water problems feel like.