During the Kenya 2020 student trip in July ’18 we visited three schools and treated a total of 174 children for chigoe fleas. Follow-up visits have been carried out to check how the children are, particularly to check they don’t have any secondary infections.

The reports from the children show how valuable this project, but also how much more there is to do.

Here is a letter from Evance (age 6) in his own words (English is his 3rd language!!!)

“I want to thank them so much and they have made me have happiness in my class and these days I can listen to what the teacher is saying when they came my whole feet was with jiggers and today even though there are still some but I don’t have that pain I used to have there are my two other siblings that are very bad and they are not in school because of the jiggers and I request that if they can also be helped so that they can come back to school and learn”

When asked what he wants to be in future here is what he had to say “I want to study so that I can become a doctor and also help more people in future”

Evance comes from a poor family in a poor community. These combine to increase the risk of contracting chiggers because there are soil floors at home and at school and he has no shoes. The chigoe fleas live in the soil so it is difficult to avoid them.