Kombe teachers

Kombe Primary School continues to go from strength to strength. Next year it will have classes in every year group. The big question then will be: ‘Where can the children go for secondary education?’ It is much too far for them to walk to the nearest secondary school. If the boarding houses at AMSS have space, that may provide a solution.

Kombe has very limited resources for teachers to use. They have just been provided with teacher’s guides for all subjects in every year groups. This makes their jobs so much easier. The teachers have written to say thankyou.

Duncan Otieno teaches in a range of year groups. He had this to share “I take class 7 English, 6 Science/ English, 5 Maths, 4 Science and 2 Science. With all this work it was very difficult for me to work without the guide books but since they were delivered I have been the happiest man in this school, because I complete my work in good time and my lesson plan is well structured. Thank you for helping this school.

Samson Oyula is the subject teacher for Mathematics and English in the whole school. He wrote to say:

“The teachers guides have been very helpful for us in terms of planning for the lessons and marking the pupils books. Nobody is perfect and the guide books help in making sure the pupils gets what they deserves I therefore thank CEPARD and K2020 in supporting this school in their efforts.”