Calvince Graduates

Calvince Otieno Roche is a normal Kenyan young man, he comes from a poor, rural family and lost contact with both of his parents when very young. He was brought up by his grandmother and walked to school every day, often barefoot. He proved to be an exceptional student and, although his primary education was free, secondary education would cost too much for his grandmother to support him. At this point Kenya2020 stepped in to sponsor his tuition and he did not disappoint, coming within the top 2 or 3 students in his school.


The sponsorship continued when Calvince did an engineering degree, in which he graduated in 2017. Although his grandmother died recently, he is now reunited with his parents and many siblings and is looking for a job. Clearly, without the help of Kenya2020, this would not have happened and, at 24, Calvince has opportunities before him that nobody in his area would have imagined possible.

Calvince graduates 5.jpg