Primary Healthcare

Access to primary health care is severely restricted in Alara due to the difficulties in getting to the local health centre. There are a number of small projects we run to try and meet some of the most pressing needs:


Drop in Clinic

Kenya 2020 have funded the drop-in clinic at Kinda Biya where a retired nurse carries out malaria screening, immunisations, HIV/AIDS counselling, prescribes antibiotics, ITN distribution, and diagnosis of other medical complaints for referral.

 We have also provided ongoing resources for the Kinda Biyehealth clinic by providing stethoscopes, blood-pressure monitors, thermometers, bandages and dressings

Schoolchildren bathing feet in disinfectant to remove Jiggers


The sand flea or ‘jigger’ is found in soil. It burrows into the skin where it feeds on blood and tissue fluid. Serious infestations are painful, make walking difficult and can cause infections and the loss of toes. Children whose feet are infested with Jigger fleas are treated and regularly re-checked. Of the 35 schools in the district, 30 have been treated to date. 



want to Help?

  • £3 will buy a mosquito net for a child or pregnant woman
  • £10 will pay for the disinfectant to rid 25 children of jiggers
  • £5 will buy de-worming tablets for 100 children