Sustainable Development

Greenhouse at Kinda Biye
Tomato plants in the greenhouse at Kinda Biye

Food Production

Most people in the Alara community are peasant farmers. They produce food for their families and sell any surplus in the local market. If harvests are poor then they cannot provide enough food for their families, but they have also lost their income so they cannot buy food. Even if they have some money, prices rocket at times of food shortage
Because food production is critical for survival, farmers are often reluctant to experiment with new techniques because, if they don’t work, then a problem could turn into a disaster.

Even when enough food is available, it is often of poor nutritional value. Maize is the staple cereal but it is deficient in vital amino acids so the protein deficiency disease kwashiorkor is common, especially among young children. This delays development and can reduce intellectual abilities.

What are we Doing?

We are working with two local farmers to establish demonstration farms which show how food production can be increased and nutrition improved.

Projects include:

  • control of soil erosion
  • tree windbreaks
  • intercropping
  • beans to increase soil fertility
  • drip irrigation to extend the growing season
  • Supported and provided advice for the greenhouse at Ratanga
  • Funded building and moving of the Nyandemra greenhouse to a more suitable site at Kinda Biye

What happens to the food produced on the demonstration farms?

The farmers themselves are better able to feedtheir families.  Food is supplied to local schools for school dinners (most children do not eat at lunchtime) and any surplus is sold and the profit shared between the farmer and CEPARD to support other projects

crops planted to retain water

Want to Help?

  • £10 will pay for hand tools for vegetable growing
  •  £25 will pay for a water tank and drip irrigation pipes for a 25m2 vegetable plotenough to provide vegetables for a family
  •  £2 will buy seeds for a vegetable plot
  •  £8 will pay for the hosepipe for contour levelling