Our Mission

Kenya 2020 exists to work alongside the communities we support in Kenya to:

  • identify the problems that inhibit development
  • plan strategies to solve these
  • enable the community to carry them out.

The charity focuses on the following areas in line with our charitable objects:

  • Developing education and improving access to education for children in poverty
  • Promoting the sustainable development of these communities by improving water and food security and better use of natural resources
  • Promoting health and preventing sickness through the development of primary health care projects.

How we work


This is the key to building a better future for the community. A well educated population can make more informed decisions, absorb new information more easily and seek solutions to the problems they face. This is why all our projects are based around schools.

Sustainable Development

We are working with communities to help them make the most of their natural resources and insulate them against the risks of drought, crop failure and disease. Our focus is on farming practices, water conservation and efficient fuel burning stoves.

Primary Health Care

Prevention is better than cure, and usually much cheaper. The health care challenges in rural Kenya are enormous. We are focussing on delivering a small number of projects where great improvements can be achieved relatively easily.